Walking With The Father: Whose voice do you listen to (Christ the King)

November 25, 2018

Whose voice do you listen to (Christ the King)

  • Whose voice do you listen to? Whose guidance or advice do you follow? Is it the voice of the world, or is it the voice of God? We are bombarded with marketing advertisements...think of  Black Friday, where people camp outside just to get the sales. Notice how people listen to the voice of consumerism, that pollutes society. If we listen to these voices for too long, we can become slaves to their wishes. However, when God speaks to us, it is not to manipulate us, but to invite us to a relationship with Him, which leads to true joy. If we can do this then we are overcome with a lasting peace, which we were made for. The one true Black Friday occured 2000 years ago when Jesus died on the cross. For us, every Friday is a special day. Every time we look upon Jesus on the cross, we can say that He is the one I listen to. Jesus is our King, and it is His voice we should want to listen to. Let's invite Jesus to be the King of our lives and our hearts. We are called to surrender ourselves to Him, which will bring us the peace we are searching for. Father Matthew concludes this homily with a beautiful prayer.