Walking With The Father: October 2019

October 20, 2019

Power of prayer

  • Do you believe that prayer has the power to make a difference? Father Matthew describes how a family started praying when their son was in a car crash. That was the first time they prayed as a family. As they waited, word spread to countless people who started praying, begging God to save him. Prayer is now a daily part of this family's life. It's never too late to begin prayer life. Jesus' message to us it to pray always, and to never lose heart. If we don't receive what we ask for in prayer, does that mean we should stop praying altogether? Listen to the rest of Father Matthew's homily to learn how to pray.

October 13, 2019

We are all called to Mission (Acts 15 7-21, John 15 9-11) May 23 homily

  • The Apostles gather to discuss and debate about the conversion of the Gentiles. This connects with our parish regarding the Alpha program, and how it is meant to reach outside of our walls to introduce people to the person of Christ. God showed the Apostles that He wanted them to go out to all nations to spread the message out to all people. The Apostles were discussing how His miracles were ocurring among the Gentiles. God wants His joy to spread to all people, and we are called to share that joy with them. James tells us not to withhold the treasure for ourselves. God looks favourably on the Gentiles, and He wants them to seek Him. We are all called to the mission to go and announce the Gospel. The Mass is food for the mission, so we can bring Jesus to all people. Let's think about who we can share the Gospel with. We are not responsible for the results, but we are responsible for the invitation. Let's invite them to come and see, and let God do the work.

October 6, 2019

Guardian Angels (Matthew 18 1-5 10) Oct 2nd homily

  • Today the Church celebrates Guardian Angels. Each person has an angel always by their side, helping them to get to God. Some find it difficult to believe in angels, but we hear about them in the Bible. Father Matthew describes many examples. The angels who are with us, simultaneously see the face of God. St. Jerome said, "How great is the dignity of the soul, since each one has, from its birth, an angel commissioned to guard it."