Walking With The Father

August 18, 2019

Are you going through the motions in prayer (Matt 6 7-15) June 20th homily

  • Advice from Jesus: When you are praying, do not heap up empty phrases like the gentiles do. We need to avoid the trap of just going through the motions when we are praying. Father Matthew recounts a humourous time when he witnessed and participated in a "warp speed" Rosary prayer. We need to take our time, and we need to listen to the Lord in prayer. Let's avoid the immature "Santa Claus" prayer of simply asking for what we want. While there is nothing wrong with petitionary prayer, there also needs to be a relationship. Let's remember who we are speaking to, "Our Father, who art in heaven...". We praise God in our prayer, and that His will be done. We also ask for forgiveness and mercy. We ask that our prayers be authentic, and with words that we truly understand.