Walking With The Father: Prayer Partners Introduced

November 4, 2018

Prayer Partners Introduced

  • Father Matthew's unique homily is a challenge to everyone to find a prayer partner. He explains how a warm greeting can build a lasting friendship. We often pray in the generic sense; however, he questions how often we pray for each other by name? General intentions are impersonal. Prayer will have a stronger impact when we say the person's name. It's a sign of love for one another. Parents and grandparents pray for their children and grandchildren all the time. By our actions we can show each other that we care for one another. If we love God first above all and love our neighbour as our self, then we will not be far from the kingdom of heaven. When we love someone dearly, especially when a crisis strikes, the first act of love is to pray for the person affected by name. We plead to God that He will heal and protect the person. Let's begin to introduce ourselves to each other, and find a prayer partner. This will allow us to pray for each other by name. Some may find this uncomfortable at first, but it is good for us to help us grow. Prayer is powerful and can change lives.