Walking With The Father: The most precious thing in life (Philippians 3 3-8)

November 18, 2018

The most precious thing in life (Philippians 3 3-8)

  • (November 8th homily) St. Paul describes how valuable a relationship with Jesus Christ really is. We should not put our faith into our achievements, but rather in Jesus, because only He will truly satisfy us. A Jew at that time would have thought of themselves as blameless under the Law, as if they were members of the Royal Family, or something like that; and Paul lists all such things, only to say that are all rubbish and nothing compared to having faith in Jesus Christ. The immeasurable gift of faith is what gives St. Paul true joy, and it transformed his life. St. Thomas Aquinas also said that all else was like straw compared to the greatness of knowing God. St. Paul also explained that even if everything was taken away from him, it would be just fine because his faith in Jesus Christ was all that he needed. Fr. Matthew then describes his own experience, about how people he knew questioned and resisted his decision to let go of his worldly successes in order to become a priest.