Walking With The Father: Marriage and divorce - Thanksgiving homily (Mark 10 2-16)

October 7, 2018

Marriage and divorce - Thanksgiving homily (Mark 10 2-16)

  • There are challenging issues that we have to face, such as marriage and divorce. Fr. Matthew is not afraid to discuss these kinds of topics head on. He says that the Church is where we go to learn about and to apply our faith. In the book of Genesis we learn about the ideal model and conditions for married life: (1) man and woman are equal, (2) they are to help each other in everything, and (3) they are to love one another.

    In the gospel, Jesus clearly says that marriage is permanent. God knows that we are not perfect, but we are to be generous with forgiveness and mercy. However, there are some instances when the Church applies exceptions to the permanence of marriage, such as when one of the three criteria just mentioned are violated. If that happens, then the two parties should part ways, such as when there is violence, abuse, and if the relationship becomes a master and slave relationship rather than one of equal partners. Also, if one of the parties does not agree to be a helper, or if there are faithfulness issues, then the Church can legitimately dissolve a marriage.

    There are many legitimate reasons why a marraige could be dissovled, and not all can be covered in a short homily. We must not be too quick to judge others who have separated or divorced. It is not as black and white as we may think, and it is not fair to judge because we really don't know the whole story in any relationship. This message comes at the right time this Thanksgiving. For some it is a joyful time, and for others it could be a time of relief when the abuse and suffering are over.