Walking With The Father: I have come to fulfill the law (Matthew 5 17-19)

October 14, 2018

I have come to fulfill the law (Matthew 5 17-19)

  • Jesus comes to fulfill the law (not to abolish or replace it, but to fulfill it), and he starts to give the people his message. He wants us to go deeper than to just follow the rules. We need to let the rules soak into our hearts, so that they become natural to us. Our mind, heart, and soul needs to live the law to fulfill it. It shouldn't just be on the surface. We need to let God lead us along the path we are intended to go. Keeping and doing the law (and teaching others) will make one great in the kingdom of heaven. We must teach others to follow the law, through our words, and how we live our lives. Let's do our best to let the law come alive in our lives.