Walking With The Father: Who do you say that I am (Mark 8 27-35)

September 16, 2018

Who do you say that I am (Mark 8 27-35)

  • This is the most important question to ask in our lifetime. If we did a massive survey, you would get lots of answers...Jesus was a Jewish man, a moral teacher, a prophet, a miracle worker, etc. All of these answers are close, but not the right answer. They are missing the point. Jesus is God, the Messiah, and the saviour of the world. Jesus also realizes that the crowd misses the point about who he is. He then turns to his followers, hoping one of them will get it right. Peter gets it right, he knows that Jesus is God. This changes Peter's life so much so, that he dies telling everyone that Jesus is God. If you know Jesus is God, how does it change your life?