Walking With The Father: Salt and Light (Matthew 5 13-16)

February 9, 2020

Salt and Light (Matthew 5 13-16)

  • Salt and light: these are the two images that Jesus uses to teach us about who we are, and how we should live. What does salt do? It brings out the best flavours, it preserves food, and in Canada it melts the cold hard ice. The disciples, and you and I, are compared to salt as we are called to bring out the best in each other, to preserve and share the Gospel message, and to spread the love of Christ and melt the cold hardened hearts of unbelievers. Light should be put up on high on a lampstand to bring light and clarity to our homes. We shouldn't be shy about our faith. It should be like a light to fill our homes and our work places. The light also allows us to see where we are going, and to see the obstacles in our life, maybe even to avoid them if possible. You and I are called to share the light with others so that they too can see clearly, and see where God is leading us to. Light makes life better. Jesus, who is the light of the world, makes everyone's life better! God's light allows us to see clearly and to make it to our destination, to heaven. Let us try to be a light to others, and not hide our light under a bushel basket.