Walking With The Father: Lord will many be saved (Luke 13 22-30) Oct 30 homily

November 10, 2019

Lord will many be saved (Luke 13 22-30) Oct 30 homily

  • Before the 1970s we were scared about going to hell, but then near Vatican II, everything changed. Talks about going to hell are not heard of often anymore. But there are consequences to the message that everyone is good, and that everyone is going to heaven. Nowadays, the sacrament of confession is rarely attended. In today's Gospel, a question is asked of Jesus, "Lord, will only a few be saved?" Jesus doesn't provide a yes or no answer. Instead, He says, "Strive to enter through the narrow door." So, it isn't a wide and huge door. "For many will try to enter, and will not be able to." Even when knocking at the door, God will say, "Go away from me all you evil doers." Father Matthew provides us with his reflection on what this teaching means for us, and how we need to strive to enter through that narrow gate.