Walking With The Father: Go and do likewise (Luke 10 25-37)

July 14, 2019

Go and do likewise (Luke 10 25-37)

  • Jesus tells us that we must act like the Good Samaritan. We must know and live out our faith. We need to be reminded of this lesson over and over in our lives. We are to move away from being comfortable, and to be doers of the Word, taking action. Knowing is not enough, and the real challenge is to "go and do it". It's not just about information and rules and guidelines. It is about how we should act every day. "Do I act when I see someone in need?". "Do I ignore the person's plea for help?". Like the priest and the Levite, although considered to be good people, they make a critical mistake by not acting to help the person in need. Their knowledge was disconnected from their behaviours. How often are we like the priest and the Levite? They failed through the sin of omission because they did nothing. The Good Samaritan turns out to be the real hero. Jesus reminds us that everyone is our neighbour to love and to care for, even if we don't get along with each other.