Walking With The Father: The Resurrection is a game changer (Easter Homily 2019)

April 21, 2019

The Resurrection is a game changer (Easter Homily 2019)

  • Christ Is Risen. He Is Truly Risen! Jesus' act of love for us has given us access to heaven! Pause to consider the depth of this reality, the greatest moment in history, and how important the Resurrection is in our lives. If there was no Resurrection, then Jesus gets downgraded to a simple teacher who was innocent, and who died a brutal death. If that's the case, then we might as well go home. "When we die, then toss me in the ground, that's it, it's over!". There would be no hope and no lasting joy. But there is hope. Jesus rose from the dead, and by doing that we now know that it's not over when we die. We too will be raised from the dead and have hope for eternal life. As baptised Christians, we are moved to share the news of the Resurrection with others. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!