Walking With The Father: Let the mud touch your eyes (John 9 1-41)

March 31, 2019

Let the mud touch your eyes (John 9 1-41)

  • 1. Jesus wants to heal us, but we have to let him.
    2. Growing in faith requires courage and perserverence.

    Note that Jesus never asked permission before healing the blind man with mud. He saw the need, and healed him. Jesus wants to heal us too, but we need to give him permission to do so. The blind man didn't resist, and he submitted himself not knowing what was happening. It doesn't make sense to put mud onto someone's eyes, and then commanded to go wash. It didn't make sense, but even so, the blind man surrendered. We need to let Jesus put his hands into our own wounds, and heal us, so we should not pull away, but rather we need to pass through it, and be healed by God. Let the mud touch our eyes! We need pray each day.

    The blind man's journey was quick, it all happened within twenty-four hours. The blind man originally did not know Jesus, and once healed, others were upset because he was healed on the sabbath day. There was then a mock trial, and the man's parents were also put on trial. The man was kicked out of the community for believing that Jesus must have been sent by God. As witnesses we need to continue to tell the world who Jesus is. Let us pray for courage to have perserverence like the blind man.