Walking With The Father: A Grief Observed - C.S. Lewis

September 1, 2015

A Grief Observed - C.S. Lewis

This is an outstanding book! It is C.S. Lewis' personal journal notes from when his wife died just 3 years after their marriage. In this short book, you will journey with him through his emotions with the passing of his wife. While you read this book, your heart will inevitably begin to reflect on your feelings of grief from lost loved ones who have passed on, or whom you have lost touch with due to distance or changes in your life situation.

Lewis’ tone and style of writing make this a great book for those experiencing grief on a personal or even a professional level. I found it helpful book to revisit as I grieve the lost relationships and regular contact of parishioners as I begin my new parish assignment this month.

Throughout his journal, Lewis questions his beliefs and his faith in God since the tragedy of his wife’s passing. The questions Lewis pose are the same ones that you and I may ask God when faced with the death of a loved one. This short book is worth its weight in gold. Read it for yourself, and then recommend it to someone you know who has recently lost a loved one. Who knows? You may just change their life.

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