Walking With The Father: What Does God Want?

March 1, 2015

What Does God Want?

A practical guide to making decisions
Author - Michael Scanlan (with James Manney)

This little book is such an easy and quick read. It has so many good tips to help with making decisions in our life. Scanlan says that we make about 200 decisions a day; some are small, while others are big and life-changing decisions.

His book gives you some strategies on what to look for when comparing options, and how to know that you've made the right decision after the fact. Scanlan offers a 5-part process for decision-making in any situation. This process was developed over his 30+ years of spiritual direction, counseling, and teaching. It is clear to see how his approach is grounded in the Catholic tradition. I’m sure that this book will help you in your everyday decisions, as well as with your big life-changing decisions.

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