Walking With The Father: First Comes Love

February 1, 2015

First Comes Love

This is the first of Hahn’s books that I’ve read. He comes to me highly recommended by many Catholic parishioners who enjoy reading as much as I do. Friends of mine have told me about him over the years but I never made it a point to read something of his until now.

This book is easy to read and an excellent book for all families – especially for parents. Hahn does a great job of connecting the family’s interior life with that of the Trinity. It is beautiful how he brings all members of the family unit deeply into the inner life of God in the Trinity. Since reading this book, I have a new understanding of how God created humanity in His Divine image and likeness. Hahn also gives many practical examples for us so that we can easily understand what he’s trying to express.

I recommend this book for all families. It would be a great book for families to read and talk about together especially since we are preparing for the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia later this year. Couples would also benefit from such an easily presented view of God’s presence in family life.

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