Walking With The Father
Welcome to WalkingWithTheFather.CA

Thank you for your interest in this new initiative. This site is designed to help facilitate your journey of faith with God the Father through one of his priest sons – Father Matthew Keshwah, a young priest with a passion for making the Gospel come alive.

Preaching The Gospel

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14). The Word of God is meant to come alive in the hearts of those who hear it proclaimed. However, before it comes alive and takes on flesh, it must first be explained and understood.

Almost each week you will find a homily from Father Matthew’s parish ministry. “His preaching style makes the scriptures come alive. He uses everyday language, practical examples, and draws out relevant lessons for me to apply in my life. It’s exactly what we need to hear at Mass.

Nourish Your Soul During The Week

As an avid reader, Father Matthew will post a book review every couple of months. This is one way to continue to learn about your faith and the wisdom found in our Christian Tradition. Spending time doing spiritual reading for 10 minutes each day can make a real difference in your life. Through the book reviews you will be introduced to a variety of subjects and authors. Some books may be “hot off the press,” while others may be timeless classics. Hopefully, you will take advantage of this opportunity to read a few books that you have never come across before; feeding your soul in a whole new way.

Saints – Our Role Models

Role models are important in life. Be they parents, teachers, athletes, musicians, artists, or others – we need good people as examples to inspire us with our goals. Father Matthew will introduce you to a new saint whose feast day was celebrated recently. The saints show us that holiness in life is possible and that there are thousands of different ways to live that universal call as a son or daughter of God. Which saint celebrates their feast day on your birthday? Which saint do you feel closest to? Which saint inspires you most?

Prayer – Our Conversation With God

There are so many prayers found in our Catholic tradition. Some prayers are beautiful pieces of poetry that praise God describing how wonderful he is, while others may be psalms of lament that speak to moments of great sorrow or feelings of abandonment. Some prayers are repetitive and meditative leading us to contemplate different events in Jesus’ life, while other prayers are taken from words spoken by biblical figures in history. Look under the header “Catholic Prayers” to see some of the prayers featured from our beautiful tradition of people speaking with God.

Together let us spend our lives Walking With The Father.