Walking With The Father: You are precious in the eyes of God (Luke 15 1-10)

September 15, 2019

You are precious in the eyes of God (Luke 15 1-10)

  • Today's readings are really heart warming and inspiring. The message is about the personal love that God has for us. Jesus is criticized for being associated with public sinners. Why would a good shepherd leave his 99 sheep to find one that is lost? It almost sounds like poor management to risk the 99! On human terms we would likely let the one lost sheep go, but God's personal love shows that He is willing to give up everything for one. God proves His love for us by giving up everything to save us. It's quite incredible and inspiring that God would do this for us. It doesn't make sense why God would care so much for each of us, and yet He gives up His life for us. Why does Jesus give up his life for people who don't even appreciate that He died on the cross for us? Even when we don't deserve His love, He still leaves the 99 to seek us out. For God the risk is worth it to save us from our grave sins. He even says, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." Father Matthew encourages us to read St. Paul's letter to Timothy about how abundant and merciful God's love is. Let's hope that today's readings lead us to change.