Walking With The Father: 2018

September 24, 2018

Escaping the trap (Luke 14 1-6) and Saint Martin de Porres

  • The Leader of the Pharisees invites Jesus to his home, and they decide to set a trap for him to see if he will break the law of the Sabbath. Their interpretation of the Sabbath that The Lord's Day should be kept holy, was so extreme that nothing could be done on that day. It was a strict law with punishment for those who disobeyed it. Even 2000 years later, the same strictness exists in Jerusalum (interesting elevator example). After Jesus heals the man, he easily escapes the trap by saying something that completely paralyzes the Phrasisees.

September 16, 2018

Who do you say that I am (Mark 8 27-35)

  • This is the most important question to ask in our lifetime. If we did a massive survey, you would get lots of answers...Jesus was a Jewish man, a moral teacher, a prophet, a miracle worker, etc. All of these answers are close, but not the right answer. They are missing the point. Jesus is God, the Messiah, and the saviour of the world. Jesus also realizes that the crowd misses the point about who he is. He then turns to his followers, hoping one of them will get it right. Peter gets it right, he knows that Jesus is God. This changes Peter's life so much so, that he dies telling everyone that Jesus is God. If you know Jesus is God, how does it change your life?

September 9, 2018

Ephphatha - be opened (Mark 7 31-37)

  • After last week's homily about the sexual abuse crisis, today's homily is about the healing that Jesus brings. People begged Jesus to heal them. He listened, heard their prayers, and acted. Similarly, the Church is following the same steps in the need for healing of the abused victims. Jesus is responding to begin the healing process, and it will be in an unpredictable manner, just as Jesus healed the deaf man in the gospel. God does work in mysterious ways, and He will act for those we have prayed for. We prayer for the healing of our Church so that we too can have a fresh start, just like the deaf person. Let's recall our baptism, and be open to the Holy Spirit acting in us.

September 2, 2018

Abuse crisis response

Father Matthew Keshwah responds to the abuse crisis in the Church.

August 30, 2018

Martyrdom of Saint John the Baptist

  • Saint John had the courage and perseverance to speak the truth at all times. He was honoured as one of the first to encounter Jesus. His whole life pointed to Jesus, even while he was in Elizabeth's womb. Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! Behold, the Lamb of God is here to take away the sins of the world! John is imprisoned and killed for defending the truth. We are reminded to have the same courage, boldness and perseverance.

August 19, 2018

Tell everyone about Jesus Christ The Bread Of Life (John 6:51-58)

  • In the 6th chapter of John's gospel, Fr. Matthew tells us about "the golden nugget" of our faith, the essential Eucharist. We need to be fed and transformed by God Himself each week or even every day if we want. Do we really want God? Do we want eternal life? If so, then we must act. We have a responsibility to share (lovingly and without guilt) the Good News about the divine life with others. Let's take the risk to invite others to celebrate Mass with us. Yes, it's hard, but but it's worth it, and we can do it.

August 16, 2018

How often should I forgive (Matthew 18 21-19)

  • How often to forgive is a relevant question that comes up in our lives. What are we to do, should we cut off the offending person? Jesus' answer is "no". We are to always forgive, and to be merciful. "Forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who tresspass against us." We need to have more compassion and patience with others.

August 14, 2018

It is enough now O Lord (1 Kgs 19, John 6:41-51)

  • Throwing in the towel and calling it quits can be tempting when things go wrong. Father Matthew describes how the same thing happened to Elijah, who then begged God to end his life. God provides Elijah with a tangible miracle that gives him hope and new strength. We too can receive this miracle whenever we want to, and it should "leave us in a state of awe".

August 11, 2018

Saint Dominic (August 8th homily)

  • Born to Spanish nobility in the 12th century, St. Dominic was a priest, and best known for founding the Dominicans (religious order) and for fighting heresies within the Church. He is the patron saint of astronomy. He had a vision of meeting a beggar on the street, who later became St. Francis of Assisi.

August 6, 2018

Asking God for a sign to prove his love (John 6 24-35)

  • Father Matthew's reflection on the signs that Jesus provided to the crowds, and how it should have "knocked their socks off". God is indeed alive and active in everyone's lives. The signs are all around if we just look for them. He then gives a homework assignment to think about a time when God provided you with a sign or answered your prayers, and then to share that story with others. Father Matthew walks the talk and provides the congregation with his own touching testimony.

June 18, 2018

Thanks be to God, and thank you Saint Benedict Parish

Fr. Matthew's homily starts at 19:15.
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May 28, 2018

Trinity Sunday (Matthew 28:16-20)

Fr. Matthew's homily starts at 24:40.
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February 1, 2018

Prayer for Beginners

By: Dr. Peter Kreeft

The best $5 I ever spent!

I found this book in the lobby of a church I was at. They were asking $5 for it and I thought to myself, “I’m not a beginner in prayer – could this book be of any use to me? Meh! It’s only 5-bucks I’ll check it out.” Well, after reading this book and having my socks blown off every time I read a page, it’s worth its weight in GOLD! This book would be a bargain at $50 in my opinion. And it is certainly not only for beginners. I could read this book ten times over my lifetime and still learn something every time. It’s not too often you find a book this good that is short, compact, and not expensive. It’s easy to read and something that you could easily read with a friend or two and talk about it together.

Dr. Kreeft is a giant in the faith – having written over 25 books, and a well-respected philosophy professor. People pay big money to listen to him speak at conferences. This book is well put together and shares his thoughts on prayer that any reader, of any age, or any level of faith could appreciate. Dr. Ralph Martin has a quote on the cover of this book which calls it, “The best short introduction to prayer I have ever read. Read it and pray.” I could not agree more. The first time I mentioned this book at the parish they sold out their case of books that morning! Everyone who has read this book at my recommendation has loved it just as much as I have.

My copy of this book glows in the dark because of all the highlighting I’ve done! Why not pick your copy up and read it yourself? I hope that afterwards, your heart will “glow” with joy at your growing relationship with God and renewed prayer life.

*Amazon sells the original book for $15 – and has a different cover. But if you want it for $5 with a blue cover, go to this Catholic website to get your copy!


January 15, 2018

Speak Lord, for your servant is listening (Samuel 3:10) January 14th homily

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